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Earthquake Relief Mission

Earthquake Relief Mission


Organized By;

Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association

History of the Nyingmapa Tradition

Around 760, Trisong Detsen invited Padmasambhava and the Nalanda abbot Santarraksita to Tibet to introduce Buddhism to the “Land of Snows.” Trison Detsen ordered the translation of all Buddhist texts into Tibetan. Padmasambhava, Santaraksita, 108 translators, and 25 of Padmasambhava’s nearest disciples worked for many years in a gigantic translation-project. The translations from this period formed the base for the large scriptural transmission of Dharma teaching into Tibet. Santaraksita concentrated on the sutras. Padmasanbhava and Santaraksita also founded the first Buddhist Monastery in Tibet, Samaye.” “From the eleventh century onwards, the Nyingma (old) tradition flourished along with the newer Sarma School, and it was at that time that Nyingmapas began to see themselves as a distinct group and the term “Nyingma” came into usage.”


Introduction of Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association.

The purpose of the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association is to preserve and promote the Buddha’s Teachings in general and in particular the Nyingma tradition of Nepal. The main aims and objectives of this organization are to establish world peace though the preservation and tradition is contemplating the four boundless thoughts of Bodhichitta. These are: promotion of Buddhist culture of the Mahayana Vajrayana tradition. A core practice of Mahayana and Vajrayana. “May all beings have happiness and cause of happiness. May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, may all beings never be parted from the absolute happiness free from suffering, and may all remain in the sublime equanimity free from partiality, attachment and anger.” To promote these unsurpassed Mahayana practices and to preserve the culture of the Nyingma (Old) tradition the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association was established under the laws of the Nepal Govt. in 2004. There are approximately 3000 Monastery in Nepal, with 2673 monastery and Vihars registered with the Government of Nepal, Ministry for Federal Affairs and Local Development Committee. According to data published by Buddhist philosophy promotion and Monastery Development Committee’s Buddhist Directory 2015, 87.5% of the monastery’s of Nepal follow the Nyingma Tradition.  


The main objectives of Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association are:

  1. To preserve and promote the Buddha’s teaching for the world peace through maintaining warm relation among other Buddhist institution and organizations.
  2. To study and research the Buddha’s teaching and disseminate the teachings by means of seminars, workshops, dialogues, interactions and so on at the local, regional, national and international levels..
  3. To publicize different pilgrimage place in Nepal for their preservation and promotion and to disseminate information to promote local, national and international tourism.
  4. To promote Buddhist culture to maintain world peace.
  5. To publish books and newsletters for the promotion of Buddha’s teaching and Buddhist culture.
  6. To promote the concept of not eating meat, no meat will be served at Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association functions and other Buddhists are requested to serve and eat only vegetarian food.





The following activities are being carried out by the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association:

  1. Annual Nyingma world peace prayers program.
  2. Annual newsletter and Book publishing.
  3. Branch offices in New York, USA. And Phaplu, Solukhumbu.
  4. Dharma teaching, including ritual training for monks, nuns, lamas, and lay practitioners.
  5. Earthquake relief program.
  6. Free distribution of Buddhist course text book to school from 1 to 10class.
  7. Salary payment to some Buddhist teachers in school.
  8. Providing qualified teachers to various monasteries.
  9. Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association decided not to serve meat in its functions and awareness program to serve and eat only vegetarian food.

Earthquake Relief

A devastating 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 followed by many huge aftershocks, including a major 7.3 quake on May 12. The earthquakes caused extensive damage to about 1300 Buddhist Monasteries, Stupas, Monks School, colleges, and prayer-inscribed stones in Nepal’s Himalayan regions. Respected senior Buddhist Rinpoches, Dharma Gurus, Teachers, Nuns, Monks, and their followers volunteered extensively in rescue and relief efforts, free distribution of tents, food, medicine and other activities. The Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association has distributed Rs: 25,000/- each for fully damaged monasteries and Rs:15,000/- each for partially damaged monasteries to a total of 350 monasteries of Sindhupalchok, Solukhumbu, Dhading, Gorkha, Ramechhap, Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Pokhara, and Okhaldunga, Districts of Nepal. Relief support funds of Rs: 2,500,000/- were received through Ven.Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche, (President of the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association) and the rest of the money was spent from the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association’s own funds. The Association has supported food items for monks and nuns of Thupten Choling Monastery, Serlo Monastery, and Phungmoche Monastery of Solukhumbu District. In addition 20 piece of zinc sheets (Jaspata) and Rs: 5000/- were distributed to each of total 150 monasteries of Nuwakot, Dolakha, and Solukhumbu Districts. The zinc sheets were received though Ven. Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche, (Advisor to the Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Assciation). Most of Nepal’s monasteries (87.5%) belong to the Nyingma tradition. They need a huge amount of money for reconstruction. The Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association considers that the reconstruction and renovation of these monasteries is our responsibility, and is taking initiative for this work in a transparent and honest manner. Therefore we would like to humbly request you and all well-wishers to support us in this highly virtuous action.

Funds can be deposited in the Association’s bank account. The details are below:

Name of the Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.

Account Number: 0240130256032

Account Name: Nepal Buddhist Nyingma Association

Swift Code: NIBLPKT

Bank Address: Boudha Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Thanking you for your kind support.









हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा Invitation for everyone The humbleness request for the reconstruction of Buddhist monastery in Nepal नेपाल बौद्ध ञिङ्ग्मा संघको सादर अनुरोध । नेपाल बौद्ध ञिङमा संघको चौथौं महाधिवेशन सम्पन्न पाँच दिने छैठौं ञिङमा मोन्लाम सुसम्पन्न पवित्र स्थल बौद्धनाथमा छैठौं ञिङमा मोन्लाम आजबाट शुरु विशेष पूजाका साथ पाँचौ ञिङमा मोन्लम सम्पन्न पाँचौ ञिङमा मोन्लाम पुस २६ गतेदेखि शुभारंभ नेपाल बौद्ध ङिङमा संघको सुचना !! नेपाल बौद्ध ङिङमा संघले गत बर्ष झै यस बर्षपनि सन २०१३ जुन १८ तारिकबाट नेपाली र अङ्ग्रेजी निशुल्क पुस्तक बितरण । नेपाल सरकारद्वारा स्वीकृत तथा नेपाल बौद्ध महासंघद्वारा लिखित पाठ्यपुस्तकहरु नेपाल ङिङमा संघबाट काठमण्डौ उपत्याकाको बिधालयहरुमा यस अघिनै बितरण भैसकेको छ पाँचौ बिश्वा शान्ति पुजा May 23 र 24 मा । बिस्व शान्तिको कामना गर्दै बिगत केही बर्ष देखी नेपाल बौद्ध महासंघको आयोजनमा हुँदै आएको बिश्वा शान्ति पुजा यस पटक नेपाल निङमा संघको प्रयोजनमा हुँदै छ । बौद्धनाथमा सात दिने चौथौं ञिङमा मोन्लम शुरु । काठमाण्डौं पौष–७ नेपाल बौद्ध ञिङमा संघद्वारा विश्व सम्पदामा सूचिकृत विश्व प्रसिद्ध बौद्धहरुको महान् तीर्थ स्थल बौद्धनाथ छोर्तेन ज्यरुङ खशोरमा विश्व शान्ति र आन्तरिक तथा बाह्य पर्यटक प्रवद्र्धनको साथै चौथौ न्यीङमा मोन्लाम (प्राणीधान) बौद्धमा शुरु हुने। खेन्पो साङग्या राङज्युङ रिन्पोछे पुन: अध्यक्षमा छिरिङ तेन्जिङ शेर्पा 'गोपरमा' नेपाल बौद्ध महासंघका तेस्रो अधिबेशन हालै एक औपचारिक कार्यक्रमका साथ सम्पन्न भएको छ । बौद्ध स्थित हायत रिजेन्सी